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  • Rod Taylor Thoracic Care Center

    The Rod Taylor Thoracic Center team of experts is dedicated to providing state-of-the art diagnostic and therapeutic methods for lung and esophageal cancer. Often what seems like a straightforward, abnormal chest X-ray or lung nodule requires understanding of the entire spectrum of treatment options to select the least invasive method for diagnosis and treatment. All aspects of a patient’s journey are taken care of including nutritional support, cancer support and education, as well as spiritual and integrative medicine options.

  • Center for Proton Therapy

    Proton therapy is a form of radiation treatment which delivers a precise dose of radiation to tumors while sparing surrounding normal tissue. The result is a better option for treating some types of cancer while causing fewer harmful side effects.

  • Breast Care Center

    From the moment you receive a breast cancer diagnosis, your life is changed forever. At UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health we understand the range of emotions you feel and your need for the very best information so you can make the important choices about your care and treatment.

  • Head and Neck Center

    Many cancers are linked to some degree of lifestyle-related risk factors, particularly head and neck cancers. At least 75 percent of these cancers are linked to tobacco use of any sort and alcohol, and those who use both are at increased risk. These cancers also are linked to cancer-causing types of human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States, which is on the rise.

  • UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health Contact List

    Browse our contact directory for departments at UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health.

  • Cancer Center – Lake Mary

  • Cancer Center – Dr. Phillips

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  • Melanoma and Sarcoma Center

    When it comes to cancers of the skin cells or tissues, our interdisciplinary team fully coordinates diagnosis and treatment through the biopsy and staging to chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

  • Medical Oncology and Hematology Center

    At UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health we take a multidisciplinary approach to providing the very best care to you. Our dedicated team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, dieticians, counselors and more. This group meets regularly to discuss and coordinate your personalized care plan.