Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic

Surviving breast cancer takes strength, and each survivor is part of a dedicated, driven and determined group. Though adjusting to daily life after breast cancer might be simple for some, others may need additional support. That's why UF Health Cancer Center - Orlando Health is proud to introduce the Survivorship Clinic, a follow-up program for cancer survivors.

The Survivorship Clinic is designed to make your transition from treatment to daily life more comfortable while offering consistent, high-quality care. This follow-up program provides care to patients who have survived cancer, are in long-term therapy to prevent cancer from coming back or those at high risk of developing breast cancer. 

Together with our Cancer Center specialists, the Survivorship Clinic care team develops a personalized care plan for each patient’s ongoing healthcare needs. This plan incorporates communication from a healthcare provider with specific services designed for breast cancer survivors.

  • Reviewing recent medical history 
  • Performing a physical examination 
  • Screening for cancer recurrence or new cancer diagnosis 
  • Identifying and helping survivors manage side effects of cancer and treatment 
  • Providing education and referrals related to cancer screening examinations and healthy behaviors that can reduce cancer risk

Post-treatment Care

The Survivorship Clinic specializes in identifying and treating side effects following cancer diagnosis and treatment. Side effects and symptoms may include:

  • Increased risk for other cancers 
  • Heart problems 
  • Low bone mass 
  • Hot flashes 
  • Fatigue 
  • Physical changes 

For more information about the Survivorship Clinic or to schedule an appointment, call 321.843.8370.